Legend of Zelda: Divided Destinies
In a Realm beyond sight,
The sky shines gold not blue,
There, the Triforce's might
Makes mortal dreams come true.
...Or does it?

Three ages, and a select few individuals from each, removed from each other by centuries, are inexorably bound together by fate and circumstance.  In one Age, the Great Sorcerer, Mudor, conspires to recreate the power of the Triforce; but not everyone would welcome this with open arms. In another, the Kingdom of Hyrule is in need of it's hero, and by order of the King, a brave party sets out to find him.  And in the last, the land is dying, and the old kingdoms crumble; The Hero of Time desires the Triforce of Wisdom, and is prepared to do anything to get it.

With the Wisdom of the Past,
The Courage of the Present,
And the Power of the Future,
The Gateway to Truth shall be revealed.

~Link...has come to town!~

Welcome to the homepage of the one and only Legend of Zelda: Divided Destinies, run by  GM Storen, GM Lucca, and GM Bahamut! Browse around for all the info you need, and please don't hesitate to email your questions as well as any suggestions or comments for this page... Contributions are greatly encouraged! Here are some links to get you started! Any broken links should be reported to Lucca right away!

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